Legal warning

This website (hereinafter WEB SPACE) is a domain name registered by FELIPE RUIZ PLANELLS established in St. Jordi Ses Salines (Ibiza), Street Peix Espasa, 18 (07817) Balearic Islands, and has NIF 79308982-Z (hereinafter FESUNUC).

The purpose of the website is to provide information on the events promoted by stakeholders through the web site FESUNUC as well as to provide information on the conclusion of the events promoted to those users who have so requested. Access is free, the provision of trade and / or electronic contracts is not provided, in that case we will proceed to the issuance of the necessary appropiate general conditions and the amendment of this disclaimer. In any case, the user will not use the information and contents of this Web space for activities contrary to law, morals or public order, respecting the conditions of use set by FESUNUC.


FESUNUC will not be held responsible for any damages or losses, arising out of the malfunction of such networks that facilitate access to this Web space, nor for any interruptions to access, virus, connections and operating systems access the Internet. Also, FESUNUC will not be held liable for any damages arising from illegal and illegitimate actions of third parties outside FESUNUC in the transmission of data over such networks.

Web content and links to third

The information contained in the Web space may be out of date, in which case FESUNUC shall not be liable for any damages arising from an external application and / or any third party of information provided.

FESUNUC reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Web space when necessary, without notice and thus the performances of maintenance and updating necessary to perform.

This Web space contains links and / or links (links) to external third party websites, mainly through the banners that appear in it. The content is not attributable or unenforceable to FESUNUC, it will be under the responsibility of each holder of the linked web sites. The establishment of any hyperlink from a Web page to Web space must always be to the Web space homepage, being prohibited total reproduction and / or part of the services contained in the Web space FESUNUC.

Intellectual property

FESUNUC holds, without limitation, rights of intellectual property on the content, graphic design, codes, fonts, texts, images, videos, trademarks, logos or distinctive signs, and have the necessary authorizations and concessions for use. Access to the website of FESUNUC will not give the user any right to use content, trademarks, logos, and / or logos included. All information contained on this Web space, graphic design and code in HTML, CSS, JAVA, JAVA Script or Active X language is a work whose intellectual property belongs to FESUNUC.

It is prohibited, under applicable legislation in relation to the protection of Intellectual and Industrial Proterty, own or related third parties, any alteration, copy, reproduction, download, transmission and / or distribution without the express prior written authorization of FESUNUC. Any infringement of these rights will lead to the initiation of any legal proceedings are necessary for his defense.

Likewise, it is forbidden any kind of transmission data by the user of the Website therethrough, whose performance is carried out in order to infringe own or third party rights, or conducting illegal activities with the transmission of threatening or defamatory content, pornographic, or other information, data and / or material that constitutes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, being exempted from liability FESUNUC.

Trademarks and trade names are duly registered in the registers of competent marks, so that it is prohibited to use any of the logos, trademarks, trade names or any other element identified by FESUNUC without the express prior written consent of FESUNUC.

By the dynamics of Web Space, users have the possibility to include in their posts pictures and videos related to the event is promoted or to which it refers in its capacity as assistant. The user or event promoter is solely responsible in the event that the multimedia materials may infringe the rights of others, whether concerning intellectual property or honor, dignity and self-image. In any case, upon complaint of the person concerned FESUNUC shall withdraw any material that could infringe rights of third parties. Also, FESUNUC has no right to equity in terms of the exploitation of the images included in the promotion of events, nor have economic rights over them, being exclusively owned by the author of the material.

Social Networks and Liability Regime

The website provides direct access to social networks like Twitter, Facebook ... among others. These links are considered utilities that FESUNUC make available to the user for easy access to content, information, events and activities in which FESUNUC participate, being accessible a larger number of users. FESUNUC disclaims all liability with regard to opinions and / or comments made by users in social networks where FESUNUC own spaces and features that violate or may violate rights of third parties not under the direct control of FESUNUC.

FESUNUC disclaims all liability arising from the exchange of information between users through their Web sites. Responsibility for widespread demonstrations on their websites is for those who make them.

FESUNUC assumes no responsibility for the content and / or transmission of any forum / chat / discussion linked to this Web space, cooperating with the judicial authorities, if required, for the prosecution of any violation of rights in which requires the collaboration of FESUNUC. Similarly, FESUNUC will not be held liable in any degree of comments, opinions or information expressed in social networks or other means by employees and / or collaborators FESUNUC, which have not been previously authorized or recognized by FESUNUC.

FESUNUC reserves the right, in accordance with the rules in different social networks and legislation, to moderate and / or terminate / withdraw few comments might be offensive, false or likely to damage the image of FESUNUC and activity, suppressing or requesting the withdrawal of the same, reserving the ability to take appropriate action, including court, in order to safeguard their integrity, image and confidence of users in FESUNUC and its products and services.

FESUNUC discharge in mobile devices

FESUNUC offers users the option to download the application FESUNUC on their mobile devices (tablets, Smartphone ...) to gain access anytime, anywhere to information contained on this website, through the "app-genda". To do this, FESUNUC has systems that allow downloading through IOs and Android systems, along with the technical and safety specifications that each required for proper download and use of the application.

This utility allows users to incorporate those events that have gone photos or videos of the event, for which FESUNUC has the technical measures and allow real-time interaction with the user, using geolocation tools that are used to place users in connection to the event on requesting information. This, by downloading, installing and using FESUNUC on their mobile devices, users agree with the content in this legal notice and the content in the Privacy Policy previously accepted.



Modification of Terms and conditions of use

The content of this legal notice is indefinite, and may be amended at any time in response to current regulations at all times and changes arising from the activity of FESUNUC.

FESUNUC offers activities or additional actions to the main business of the website that may pose a distinct and additional treatment to this Legal Notice. To do so, in each case the particular conditions that the user must know at all times will be included.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The content in this legal notice and any privacy policies, cookies or sectoral implementing rules are governed by Spanish law applicable at all times. In case of dispute or controversy the parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of IBIZA.